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March 2016

#TBT to the World’s Longest Wool Blanket

25 March 2016 | Others

#TBT per la coperta in lana più lunga del mondo.

Did you know that Pendleton holds a World Record? Well, now you know! It’s for a blanket, of course. We think it’s fitting that the oldest and largest U.S. blanket manufacturer would make the world’s longest seamless blanket. Here are the stats: Blanket length: 432 feet of seamlessly woven fabric equal to approximately 1 ½ football fields in length. The blanket measured 331,800 sq inches, 2,303 sq feet (more square footage than the average house in Portland, Oregon). The blanket required the fleece from over 50 sheep to produce. Weight: 380 pounds – so heavy, the blanket was rolled onto a giant spool and transported via forklift. Woven: This is a Northwest effort; the yarn for the blanket was dyed, carded and spun at Pendleton’s Washougal, Washington mill. The 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton blanket was woven in our Pendleton, Oregon mill. The blanket was washed, felted and bound in Pendleton’s Washougal, WA mill. Pendleton’s jacquard looms, which were used to weave The Largest/Longest Seamless Blanket required 778 minutes to weave. Typically the looms weave one blanket in 12 minutes. Pattern: The pattern is an archival design (since retired) that was part of our Heritage line. This is one of Pendleton’s oldest designs, dating back to the early 1900s. It came to be called the Geronimo pattern after a photo of Chief Geronimo, who was photographed wrapped in a blanket in this pattern. The World’s Longest Blanket visited the World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon, and the Home & Garden Show. It was eventually cut and sewn into specially labeled throws with black felt binding. The proceeds of this sale went to charity. One of the throws is currently hanging in our Heritage hallway, if you’re ever in the neighborhood and would like to see one. And that’s the story of our world record!

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