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Fjallraven - F/W2015

16 September 2015 | Collections

Da più di 50 anni al servizio della natura! Da quando è stata fondata Fjällräven poco più di 50 anni fa, ha avuto una notevole forza trainante: sviluppare prodotti che rendono più facile per le persone di godere della vita all'aria aperta. Già nel 1950 Åke Nordin ha sviluppato un telaio zaino che ha gettato il seme che avrebbe poi contribuito a diventare l'azienda Fjällräven. E sempre dai suoi inizi nel 1960 Örnsköldsvik, Fjällräven ha continuato a produrre prodotti innovativi e funzionali che sono apprezzati da generazioni di appassionati di outdoor in tutto il mondo - e che hanno anche ricevuto un certo numero di illustri premi nel corso degli anni. I prodotti Fjällräven sono attualmente venduti in circa 20 paesi. Nel corso del tempo, alcuni sono diventati più o meno classici - la giacca Greenland, Vidda Pantaloni, Kanken Zaino e Expedition Down Jacket. Poduce costantemente uno sviluppo di materiali, soluzioni e progetti per nuovi preferiti - abbigliamento, tende, sacchi a pelo e altre attrezzature per esterni che possono essere utilizzati, amati e indossati nel corso di molti anni di avventure all'aria fresca.

More than 50 years serving nature! Ever since Fjällräven was founded just over 50 years ago, we have had one strong driving force: to develop products that make it easier for people to enjoy the countryside. As far back as 1950 Åke Nordin developed a backpack frame that sowed the seed which would go on to become the Fjällräven company. And ever since its Örnsköldsvik beginnings in 1960, Fjällräven has continued to produce innovative, functional products which are appreciated by generations of outdoor enthusiasts across the world – and which have also received a number of distinguished awards over the years. Fjällräven’s products are currently sold in around 20 countries. Over time, a few have become more or less classics – the Greenland Jacket, Vidda Trousers, Kånken Backpack and Expedition Down Jacket. We work continuously on developing materials, solutions and designs for new favourites – clothing, tents, sleeping bags and other outdoor equipment that can be used, loved and worn over many years of adventures out in the fresh air.

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SPIEWAK - Fall/Winter 2015 collection -

11 August 2015 | Collections


The mythic quest for the Golden Fleece began in Ancient Greece. Made from the hide of a flying ram, the protection it promised was more valuable than gold. The founding spirit of Spiewak celebrates this lasting symbol of endurance and safety. A journey from Warsaw to Brooklyn, New York shaped the destiny of Polish immigrant and entrepreneur Isaac Spiewak. In 1904, his handcrafted sheepskin vests sold to Williamsburg waterfront dockworkers became a foundation for the family business, starting with a small manufacturing space. Spiewak soon began creating the iconic U.S. military uniforms that would serve everyday heroes throughout the twentieth century and beyond. Since World War I, the family name has traveled over land, sea and air with a promise to protect. Spiewak's Golden Fleece was a dependable sight on outerwear and gear, including the pea coat, snorkel parka and flight jacket, produced for decades of use by the Armed Forces. Their visionary expertise continues to meet the demands of emergency, safety and transportation workers worldwide. As a style statement seen on college campuses and city streets today, the Spiewak legacy is a daily uniform for life.

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Spiewak 1904 | An Icon Endures. from Spiewak on Vimeo.

SAVE the DUCK...New in!

08 July 2015 | Collections

Arrivati da Slalom Uomo e Donna i nuovi piumini sintetici SAVE the DUCK per la stagione A/I 2015

Just arrived new synthetic duvets SAVE the DUCK for F/W 2015. You can find them at Slalom Men and Women.

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