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08 October 2015 | News


One of the best aspects of snow sports is the gorgeous view you get standing at the top of a snow-covered mountain. With the newly introduced Forcite Alpine helmet, sharing those views with your friends and family adds to the thrill. It’s the first smart helmet geared for snow sports-enthusiasts. Sure, it protects your head, but it also has a 4K action camera, a helmet-to-helmet communication system, and advanced sensors that track your altitude, lines, and more. After you record any footage, you can instantaneously share it on social media, allowing you to quickly become the envy of your friends. The helmet also tracks top speed and max airtime, which you’re able to view on the smartphone app. A Bluetooth headset is included inside of each helmet, allowing users to listen to music and make phone calls with the simple push of a button, without having to worry about damaging an expensive pair of headphones.

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The King of Dolomites 2015: the WINNERS

23 February 2015 | News

A new king has been crowned! The King of Dolomites ended with a fresh coating of knee-deep powder. Heavy snowfall in the morning turned to blue sky, showcasing the best of San Martino and Dolomite scenery. Athletes and photographers headed out for a no-stress ski day without shooting while judges Riky Felderer, Stefano Vegliani and Emilio Previtali spent the entire day in front of their screens selecting the winning shots. At the end of the day a large crowd gathered in the center of San Martino to watch the new king be crowned. The winning team consisted of Guy Fattal (photographer, 23, Israel), Dorian Konrad (pictured skier 20, Austria), Lukas Reittner (skier, 21, Austria). Despite the young age of the winning team, judges were impressed by the high level of photography skill and the amazing black and white image with magical composition that truly epitomizes the beauty of the Dolomites.

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Linea Bianca RAI presenta: le DOLOMITI

23 January 2015 | Around the World

Bellissima puntata di Linea Bianca RAI tutta incentrata sulle Dolomiti ed il magico mondo che le circonda. Oviamente non poteva mancare San Martino e le sue Pale.

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Our heaven... San Martino di Castrozza this morning

19 January 2015 | Others

Ladies and gentlemen.. good morning from San Martino!

Ladies and gentlemen.. good morning from San Martino!

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