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9 Quarter Circle

23 November 2017 | Video

9 Quarter Circle

Sandwiched between the borders of West Yellowstone and Big Sky, the 9 Quarter Circle Ranch is a rustic collection of log cabins and stables cradled in a valley of the Rocky Mountains. It’s here one finds Kameron Kelsey, the third-generation steward of the 9QC. The Kelsey family pride themselves on their adherence to tradition, as the ranch exists in something of a time warp, its practices mostly unchanged over the past 70 years. Due to the high elevation of the ranch, weather during the winter months is exceptionally perilous. Every fall, the ranch’s horses are taken down to a lower elevation pasture to live out the cold months in more favorable conditions. Each June, come rain or shine, the Kelseys, along with a group of a dozen or so wranglers, family, and friends, come together to push the herd 20 plus miles back up to the ranch, in a near sacred ritual they dub “The Round Up”. Of all the 9QC practices, this one is perhaps the most antiquated, and is the one the Kelsey family are most proud to preserve. It’s an exhaustive three-day marathon, one that takes them across a variety of terrain. Would it be simpler to gather the animals and truck them up to the ranch? Absolutely, but this isn’t about being easy. It’s about holding onto tradition.

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Wilderness Meets Luxury at Montana's Paws Up

17 June 2014 | Others

Situato su 37.000 acri, nel fascino mozzafiato di una valle del Montana, il "Resort at Paws Up" è un incontro tra natura selvaggia & luxurious comfort. Take a look!! Slalom Staff ;)

Located on 37,000 acres of a breathtakingly beautiful mountain valley outside of Missoula, Montana, the Resort at Paws Up combines rough-and-tumble Western attractions like whitewater rafting, rappelling and hiking with luxurious comfort. Take a look!! Slalom Staff ;)

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17 July 2013 | News

Dalle 17.00 alle 19.00 Degustazione di una selezione di Champagne della prestigiosa Maison francese Vranken-Pommery. Il famoso Sommelier GIUSEPPE VACCARINI (miglior sommelier del mondo 1978 e presidente dell'ASPI) vi guiderà attraverso la degustazione delle prestigiose etichette APANAGE BRUT PRESTIGE, APANAGE ROSE' e GRAN CRU MILLESIME, accompagnate da un abbinamento gastronomico ad hoc!! Alle 19 seguirà l'Aperitivo "FUOCO&FIAMME CON BENINI", dove il nostro caro amico Michele Benini, abbinerà allo Champagne Pommery Noir, un piatto alla lampada. Costo Degustazione € 35,00, costo Aperitivo "FUOCO&FIAMME CON BENINI" € 10,00 Per la Degustazione delle ore 17.00 è gradita la prenotazione (posti limitati)

From 17.00 to 19.00 Champagne tasting of a selection of the prestigious French Maison Vranken-Pommery. The famous Sommelier GIUSEPPE VACCARINI (best sommelier of the world 1978 and ASPI President) will guide you through the tasting of prestigious labels APANAGE BRUT PRESTIGE, APANAGE ROSE' and GRAND CRU MILLESIME, accompanied by a perfect food matching !! Aperitivo at 19 "FIRE & FLAMES WITH BENINI", where our dear friend Michele Benini, will match the Pommery Champagne Noir, a plate to the lamp. Tasting Cost € 35.00, Aperitivo "FIRE & FLAMES WITH BENINI" € 10.00 For the tasting of 17.00, booking is recommended (limited places)

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Hi Buddies! RANCH - The Dolomites Bar - is coming soon!

11 June 2013 | Slalom Friends

C'è qualcosa su un pavimento di legno duro, la consistenza e il carattere del legno vissuto, la forza di una stufa in ghisa, il romanticismo di una capanna di tronchi in montagna, che chiama il mio spirito, che mi chiama a casa

There's something about a hard wood floor the texture and character of weathered timber the strength of a cast iron stove the romance of a log cabin in the mountains that calls to my spirit that calls me home

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