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STOKTON - F/W'16 NEW in - Slalom Donna

13 July 2015 | Collections

Nuovissimi arrivi A/I'16 per STOKTON Shoes presso lo store Slalom Donna 100% Handmade e Made in Italy Le calzature Stokton sono interamente realizzate a mano in azienda, dalla progettazione al lavoro su carta, fino al prodotto finito e pronto per la vendita in boutique. Stokton è in grado di garantire a tutti i suoi clienti che gli articoli da loro acquistati sono prodotti di vera qualità artigianale italiana.

Brand NEW arrivals F/W'16 from STOKTON Shoes at Slalom Woman 100% Handmade and Made in Italy The idea, the innovation, the culture of tradition don't globalize, we think there are things that possess a value because they belong to the very culture and tradition of the places that saw they being born. In observance of this principle we can assert and guarantee that all our products are made of only Italian stuff and manufacture. Starting from the selection of different stuff, where tanneries and factory making the soles actively collaborate with our internal development both for the solution of technical problems and putting new products right. The whole production cycle is daily carefully watched by expert staff in all the intermediate phases such as cutting, stitch machine, sewing, draw with hot lasts. Our experience and the patrimony of skills that reach them who have been working or collaborating with Stokton for more than 25 years symbolize that "value".

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